A Personalized Owners Manual Regardless of Make, Model or Year

Owners Manual

For Custom Cars

Owners Manual

For Classic Cars

Owners Manual

For Hotrods and More

How Valuable Is This Manual?

Whether you are motoring, advertising, showing, storing, or selling your vehicle, this "fill in manual" allows the owner to manually identify and describe any changes, modifications, or updates made to you vehicle.

Record 100's of Details

5 Color Coded Fill In Sections
- Section 1 - History
- Section 2 - Engine Components
- Section 3 - Chassis/ Drive Train
- Section 4 - Interior Design
- Section 5 - Exterior Design
4 Appendix Fill In Sections Plus Photo Gallery
- Appendix 1 - Analysis of Cost
- Appendix 2 - Miscellaneous Records
- Appendix 3 - Replacement Parts
- Appendix 4 - Miscellaneous Records
- Photo Gallery

We Offer Two Versions Of The Manual To Choose From


Standard Version $30 (Free Shipping)


Owners Manual

This standard edition comes spiral bound and has the three cars on the front of the "build book". The book measures 11" wide by 5.5" tall, perfect size to fit into your glove compartment. It is printed on sturdy paper that is easy to record your vehicles information and pass the test of time. To the left is a picture of the standard cover. If you want your vehicle pictured on the cover please purchase the customized version

Customized Version $60

Owners Manual

This edition of My Vehicles Owners Manual is custom made for you using a picture of your vehicle which you furnish via email. To the left is a picture of a customized cover. It usually takes about the same time for order processing, 5-7 days to get your custom book to you. The entire book is 11" wide and 5.5" tall, perfect size to fit into your glove compartment. It is printed on a sturdy stock that makes it easy to write on.